Jacob Pierce

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Jacob Pierce

Hard work.  Land.  Water. People.  Patriotism.  This has been my recipe for success over the past 25 years.  Born in Mobile, Alabama, raised on the backroads of Butler County, and attending Auburn University were the highlights of my youth, thus creating great memories and fostering lifelong relationships along the way.  With a Bachelors in Forestry and a Masters Degree in Geospatial Technology, I have pioneered the spatial technology realm with my current business.  As a Geographic Information System Professional (GISP) and Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) working in South Alabama since 2003, I am excited to bring my experience and knowledge base to the Mossy Oak Properties team, clients, and customers!  


My current occupational tasks include finding solutions to simple and complex issues related to 2D and 3D asset mapping, easements, boundary surveying (including boundary line agreements), right of way, property rights, riparian rights, title research, and legal descriptions, while simultaneously navigating the buying and selling process.  Using advanced mapping software, along with GPS and drone technology, I can provide virtually any type of simple or advanced mapping analysis related to timber, water, soil, farm, or financial resources.


My outdoor background has enabled me to traverse the most beautiful places in Alabama.  From the fertile black belt of Lowndes County, the pristine red hills region of Monroe County, untouched bottomland hardwoods in the massive Mobile-Tensaw Delta, the marshes and bayous of Grand Bay on the Mississippi state line, to the white sand beaches along the Gulf of Mexico, I proudly call southwest Alabama home and truly value my connection to these magnificent natural resources.


Additionally, with the help of my family and friends, my wife and I have remodeled two previous homes and built our current home on our acreage here in Baldwin County, thus successfully achieving our own 'land crafting' goals.  We relish in the fact we have deer, turkeys, fox squirrels, and other wildlife we often see roaming our property.  With my wife being a native of Louisiana, we enjoy the splendid bounty of the seasons from Cajun food, hunting and fishing, working a winter and summer garden and being able to share these cultures and traditions with our three young children.  My father (an Air Force veteran) and brothers have Feist squirrel dogs, so we enjoy the camaraderie of hunting the bushy tails, but I have also been known to catch a fish or twelve as well.


Having traveled across the world to many other countries and observed their cultures, I am truly grateful to possess a global perspective, but also be solidly grounded with down-home Alabama values.  Being blessed with this broad range of experiences, I can draw upon them to assist you in buying or listing property, helping to make your dreams and goals come to fruition. 


Most buyers and sellers are well-educated and refined.  Therefore, like me, you thrive on information in order to make the best decision possible when purchasing or listing real estate, so let me help you every step of the way, and I look forward to earning your business. 

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