Kathy Flaherty

4373 Marler Road Pike Road, AL 36064

(334) 277-6501

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Kathy Flaherty

Kathy is a remarkable individual who has dedicated her life to service, community involvement, and the joy of family. Kathy's journey as an office administrator for over two decades is a testament to her work ethic and commitment, while her cherished moments with her grandchildren, active role in her church, and love for the Pike Road community reflect her passion for personal connections and community bonds.

Kathy's professional journey is marked by her unwavering dedication as an office administrator for 24 years. She has demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and a deep commitment to her work. Her colleagues respected her for her dependability, efficiency, and the positive atmosphere she brings to the workplace. Kathy isn't just an employee; she is a vital part of the organization, and her impact is felt by all who have the privilege of working with her.

However, Kathy's greatest joys in life extend beyond the office. However, Kathy's true passion and fulfillment lie in her family. She is a loving grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren, cherishing the precious moments spent with them. Her commitment to family extends beyond bloodlines, as she is actively involved in her local church, where she has formed close bonds with her fellow congregants. Kathy's faith plays a significant role in her life, providing her with strength and a sense of purpose.

Kathy's love for her community of Pike Road is undeniable. She has been a devoted resident for years, actively participating in local events, volunteering for community projects, and supporting various causes that uplift her town. Her community spirit is unwavering, and her love for Pike Road is a source of inspiration for many.

Another one of Kathy's passions is cooking. She delights in creating delicious dishes and bringing people together through the joy of food. Her culinary talents are a testament to her generosity and her love for fostering connections through shared meals.

Her 24-year career as an office administrator showcases her work ethic and professionalism, while her involvement in the lives of her grandchildren, her church, and her community exemplifies her compassion and sense of belonging. Kathy's life is a beautiful story of service, community, and the love that she brings to those around her.
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