Tips to Creating Value to Your Property

When it comes to adding value to your property, following these helpful tips will ensure your property’s value increases in no time!

  • Good access to the property is the first step. Public road frontage is great! If you have an easement make sure it is deeded, lenders will not lend money on the property without a legal deeded easement. If you have to get an easement to your property 30’-60’ is what you want.  A 60’ easement is enough for a good drive and be able to run utilities.
  • Having a good and maintained road system throughout the property. Being able to access the majority of your property is important.  I believe the wider the roads the better, if you can get sunlight on the roads this allows grass to grow which allows the road to hold up better and not be so muddy when it rains.  Wider roads also allows you to be able to hunt your roads. If you have a pond or a creek, be able to access it.
  • Look at building a pond. The recreational value of having a pond is invaluable. Maintaining the fish in the pond and the banks around the pond is important.
  • Be able to provide a survey and have boundaries marked with paint or a fence. Know where your corners are.
  • Structures are always a plus…cabin, barn, tiny home. Why?
  • Keeping a property maintained adds to the overall visual aesthetics to a property that makes a buyer or any guest feel good about it.
  • Diversity is key for different habitats. If you own a large parcel of land you may want to consider several “patch cuts”, these are 5-10 acre clear cuts.  Leave some to grow back naturally, plant pines in some and turn some into food plots. You could even do all three in the same patch cut.  This will create browse and edge that wildlife love. These patch cuts also allow landowners to generate a little revenue to invest back into the property.
  • When you are ready to sell a property, little things can make a big difference. Keep roads cleared, grass under control and limbs trimmed back. This may not seem like a big deal, but it can be a major turn off when a buyer is riding through your property getting seed heads from tall grass in their eyes and having to dodge limbs on a road that is not maintained.
  • Have a good relationship with surrounding landowners.
  • Take pride in your investment. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing dreams come to reality by making your own piece of dirt exactly what you want it to be. Make it a place that you are proud to bring your friends to. If you take pride in your property others notice and appreciate it and values tend to go up.